Lana being a protective and responsible Mama Regal

AND this is why we love her. ;D

I’ll tell you what… I can’t even see any of the gallavich pictures, But I’m still liking every single gif set. :P there is no shame. They ARE perfect.

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I need a Gallavich video with say something…. But at the end, after they say ‘say something’ I want the part were Mickey confessed he was gay. 

PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN. I need it in my life. 

And if it has already happen, send me the link…. I would love you for forever and longer.

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All of you just now deciding to watch Shameless for Ian and Mickey are in for one hell of a ride.

Welcome to the Roller Coaster ride. Please keep all arms and legs in the cart at all times.

We are not responsible if your heart gives out. 

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i care about the milkovich siblings more than my own siblings lol

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Can you imagine Mickey and Ian in bed and Mickey whispers a soft “touch me” because he needs Ian to touch him and make him feel after this long of not feeling and oh god i have made myself cry

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I need all the gallavich fans to help me…

I am going to be starting a fanfic tumblr for Shameless but of course the main fic’s I am going to do are going to be based around Gallavich. I NEED NAME IDEAS… Help?

[Send then to my inbox]

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I’m so fucking done

me on every episode of this 4th season of Shameless (via thereisanecho)

Untill You see IanxMickey scenes then suddenly you feel a little better. You have a little bit more hope….

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Okay but how long is Ian going to be grinding on that guy for?

Because I will watch a hella lot of minutes of that

a hella

-wishes that there is a bonus tape of him going on and on with it. ;)-

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